Student Advisory Council

Welcome to the Student Advisory Council

A Student led legislative organization
In the San Francisco Unified School District

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The 2017-2018 Student Advisory Council

"If you wanna make a change and an impact in your school communities
this is the place for you to be."

-Salvador Lopez Barr(SAC Coordinator 2012-present)

"The Student Advisory Council is an opportunity to become
a leader and create change in the community while working with
students and staff from all over the city."

-Christine Chau(SAC Vice President 2016-2017)

"During my three years on the Student Advisory Council I learnt that youth advocacy at Board of Education meeting can spark visible changes in the classroom "

-Jessica Eng(SAC Student Delegate 2016-2017)

"Being in the Student Advisory Council empowered me to speak up against the injustices I witnessed within my school community."

-Nika Sandoval(SAC Representative 2016-2017)